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Busy Families

The personal finances of busy families are complicated – often more so than those of a small business. Paying the mortgage for the summer home, sending the monthly rent payment to the son or daughter in college, remembering to send the estimated tax bills, paying the plumber who sent a second bill last week, dealing with the nanny tax issues — these are just some of the myriad things to remember every month.

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Corporate Executives

Entrepreneurs work long hours and have heavy travel schedules, so our personal bookkeeping services are particularly helpful for them. We have been assisting CEOs and other senior executives since we started the business, and many have been with us for nearly 15 years.

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Family Offices

Many families with family offices have found that turning the bill payment and bookkeeping chores over to our professionals is a very valuable change. In essence, we work as the “back office” for the family office. Our twenty-plus years of personal bookkeeping experience enables us to manage the process more efficiently, and often helps us to see potential problems that might slip by others.

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Athletes and Entertainers

Professional athletes and to some extent, entertainers, have a particularly unique financial need. Often their earning potential peaks while they are relatively young, and this means that they must take special care of their financial resources, since they will possibly have to last a lifetime.

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Media & Technology

Coming Soon.

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